Wojciech Filaber

Achieve Inner Peace with Meditation Techniques, Benefits and Inspirational Teachers

All through the times, all over the world, there have been seekers of the truth. Many of whom have dedicated their lives to searching for the true meaning of life. These prominent masters were aware that there is "something" within each individual that allows us to achieve a state of inner peace and contentent. Their effort, interest and self - reflection allowed them to discover and awaken the true essence of being. Hours spent on meditation enable them to release their mind from any external disturbances and cocnentrate on their experiences within. (...)

This book is dedicated to the most prominent meditation masters and people who are keen on reflecting on thier own lives. Drawing on the combined years of experience of masters of meditation, this book illustrates what meditation trulu is. Open it and you will invite yourself to internal reflection.

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Opublikowana: 30 pażdziernik 2015

Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Psychoskok

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